Block Printing Tutorial

August 4, 2009

The yasmintoo blog article for this week was intended to be a tutorial on block printing. After I started my research I realized that I was trying to reinvent the wheel.

block print by Leann Graeff

block print by Leann Graeff

Do I really need to do something that is already done extremely well?  No bruising to my ego here. What follows are links to my favorite block printing tutorials, resources and supplies. Print away.

Jocelyn Mathewes. If Lizzie House is the rising star writing tutorials on fabric printing processes, Jocelyn Mathewes is the master of block printing tutorials. Tutorials on block printing don’t get any better than this.

Lizzie House Block Print Tutorial, from a rising star.

Window to Art. This tutorial provides a clear, graphic explanation of the block printing process. The author loudly professes her love of block printing. I like that.

Paul Kidder Handmade Graphics. Paul’s site should come with a warning. I can spend hours wandering from link to link. Great info on organizations and block printing traditions.

beatrice clay simple print

beatrice clay simple print

Notes on Linoleum Block Printing by Sam Kerson.  An artistically  informed take on block printing, a good read. Go to Sam’s  home page afteryou finish the article. I love this guy’s art and politics.

I use and recommend the following suppliers:
Dharma Trading Company.  I started with Dharma way back in the day when they had a small retail store on University Avenue in Berkeley. Use them for supplies when block printing on fabric.

California Paper Goods. Tremendous selection of eco-friendly paper and other crafting supplies.

the workroom block print on fabric

the workroom block print on fabric

Artists and Craftsman.  My local art supply store. They have many locations. Take a person with well -developed biceps with you when shopping for paper.  A bit of an adventure.

Silk Screening Supplies.  SSS carries Enviroline silk screen inks, manufactured by Ryonet. Best eco friendly product on the market. I do this – complete a print using a lino block, scan the print into an image editor, create a silk screen from the image and print as a silk screen. Sometimes going green requires flexibility.

Graphic Chemicals and Dyes. If you are using the big block print guy’s ink, you know the issues. I hate smudges. Can’t stand the colors. Solution use a good quality oil based printing ink. Pluses great long lasting prints, no smudges. Cons the clean up requires more effort, not sure where oil based ink falls on the green curve. (I am, but we won’t talk about that)

rosy posy block print

rosy posy block print

The Stamping Place .  Some of my holiday card designs call for a trifold card. I get them here.

 Next week, I’ll walk the walk, and put up some images of my archival block prints and some new ones too.  In the meantime get your ytooty fix on and follow me on the yasmintoo facebook page.


 Image Links and Credits

House by Leanne Graeff

Rosy Posy Blog  – Rosina Huber

Beatrice Clay

The Workroom